Spin a cap and have a day kid. Lil bingles get you to heaven.  And other baseball jargon.  We love baseball.  We (at least I) feel that people need to hear our opinions, as both I and peanut head like to think of ourselves as heavily invested fantasy addicts/experts. Ask anyone.  Some call it a sickness.  Some admire the dedication.

probably not this guy though

So here’s the long and short of it:  as dedicated Yahoo users, we’ve grown tired of waiting for their silly West- late night timing bullshit.  We’re tired of being a month ahead of ESPN’s fantasy reporting.  And CBS’s.  And MLB.com’s.  So we are going to attempt to do this ourselves.  For ya’ll.  SO YOU LIL BASTARDS BETTER APPRECIATE IT!

kidding, Dave thinks he’s smarter than most fantasy gurus and I just like to hear my own voice and thoughts, so its a perfect pairing.

We promise you, here and now, to turn our obsession into a useful tool for you heathens, scraping by in the fantasy baseball world.  Here we are, Batman and Robin, ready to save the utter chaos that is Gotham.  In this case Gotham is your mess of a fantasy insight.  We’re Butch Cassidy and Sundance, robbing the train of fantasy knowledge and living the life, cracking folks up and laying waste to towns.  We’re Marty McFly and Doc Brown- the goofball and the braniac, teaming up to correct your past fantasy mistakes.  But sorry, no Deloreans.

so like Chris Johnson’s rims, we’re gona be big.


-will ‘aka vinnie the gooch’


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