And here. we. go.

Here we go sound bite
Here we go sound bite

Out to Easter dinners, family time etc, etc, last night so we apologize for not covering the PHENOMENAL COMEBACK LED BY NONE OTHER THAN THE MAN. THE MYTH. THE LEGEND…..


that was a seriously good vibe to start the season by the Sox (but Miller said Girardi told him Park was throwing so well! He forgot, it’s still Chan Ho Park… this Chan Ho Park- judooooo KICK!)

so enough hometown bias, go Sox, let’s hope that defense and pitching kicks in before the Yankee O gets some home games at New York Wiffle Ball Field under their belts.

The season begins for some, their  fantasy outlook is already one of pessimism (gee, thanks Cliff Lee, Lance Berkman, Ian Kinsler and feel free to add any other rage filled rants on your lost stars in the comments).  For others, optimism.  Go ahead, ask Dave how often he checked for Heyward, but the man got his man, so he feels like he’s sitting pretty.  Others sit quietly, unsure of how their team stands, but certain that adding Jason Frasor will be a pretty sweet pre-season waiver steal.

Whatever your feeling on your team,  whatever your take on old consistent players vs. upside youngin’s , on vs. homers, or wherever you fall on the spectrum of punting saves, we welcome you to the start of another great fantasy season.  We love this stuff.  A lot.  And we all have opinions we feel will better the fantasy landscape.  We’ll do our best all season to keep you on the cutting edge of your leagues.  We can’t guarantee we will always be right (I traded for Russ Ortiz my first fantasy season (Oh, but wait I won?), everyone makes errors) but I can guarantee we’ll have something to say- use it.

I leave you with this (I’m in sensei mode now):  the time old adage of baseball ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint’ is even more true in fantasy- there are MANY weeks. the 15 day DL can be your friend.  Take advantage of those scaredy cat managers who are already looking to trade these banged up superstars.  An ace in the hole stashed for a couple of weeks is almost always worth your time.  You play to win the game, not the regular season, so my theory is to be perched to make a run.  Think of it like march madness an 8 seed with chemistry is sometimes the most dangerous.

Dramatic hawk is always perched and ready

So here’s to you Brandon Webb, Ian Kinsler and on and on,

Be healthy in August, that’s all I ask, i’ll take the bumps along the way.

*Pujols just homered- he’s quite good, for those of you with internet under a rock (and I’ve stood next to him in an elevator.  DAMN if that isn’t a large man)

– we should get him for our team

Good luck folks,


(P.S.  If you have to ask, you can’t afford it)


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  1. dwhitey1124

    I love that movie.

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