I Brings Da Ruckus


Pickup in all leagues, people.  Assign to closer positions.  Get ready for some K’s.

Ok, so if you haven’t heard of Neftali yet, it’s about time you upgraded from that little rock you’ve been under to one with WiFi.  His stuff, simply put, is outstanding, and that is not a word I take lightly.  Out.  Stand. Ing.  And he has looked dominant to open year, not reading  too much into this but it was this time of Texas when a young Johnny Paps made his debut as closer.  Just saying.

(p.s. I realized it wouldn’t necessarily obvious, so this ALSO means go get Rauch, Frasor, Perez or some other scrap if you’re going that thin… )


(p.p.s. JJ Putz.  Just have a feeling.  Honestly, have only seen him a handful of times but I’ve grown confident in him due to his outstanding facial hair.  Down the middle of his face… kidding, I just  don’t care how much weight fatso Jenkins loses, he’s bound to suck)



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5 responses to “I Brings Da Ruckus

  1. Anonymous

    Perez sucks, ruined my fantasy week. I play H2H and lost 2 categories cause of him.

    Frasor is gonna lose his job soon.

    But Rauch is nasty and I think Feliz is gonna be good too.

    • well, batting .500 then… but honestly, I wouldn’t give up on Frasor immediately. Perez, fair, kid was garbage. But seriously, do you trust Kevin Gregg? That’s option number 2. So, hold your horses a sec on Frasor, I think.

  2. Eddy

    lol yea, I picked up Gregg and dropped Frasor. I kinda like Gregg, he wears cool glasses.

    My closers at the moment:

    Andrew Bailey
    Chad Qualls
    Kevin Gregg

    I want to win Saves every week guaranteed. Should I pickup one or two more closers?

    On the waivers: Octavio Dotel, Matt Lindstrom, Franklin Morales, Jim Johnson

    • i mean, when you’re dealing with something as volatile as saves, it can never hurt to have an insurance policy. but you’ve done a good job there, so I wouldn’t pick any of them up at the loss of any other player of weekly value…

      that being said, qualls just pooed the bed, so stay on top of that waiver wire

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