Do You Believe?

You have to be good ALL year, Bradley. No exceptions.

[NOTE:  Brad Penny is a large man]

[NOTE:  I realize that Yahoo beat me to this (at 3:30 in the morning, stupid West Coast time) but I’m far more interesting so I’ll  give you the pleasure of my words as well.]

I do this every year.  Someone steps up in his first two starts and pitches waaay above expectations leading to people like me opening up the ‘add player’ tab and staring at some middle of the road pitcher wondering if he’s going to be worth an investment for a year?  A half-season?  The first guy I always associate with this scenario is Brad Penny.  Remember when he stepped into the All-Star spotlight and simply DOMINATED the gun and the batters?  Yeah, I do too.  However, Penny seems to hold the old pitcher’s curse of inconsistency.  He’s  reverse-Laroche (Adam, don’t be ridiculous), if you will, providing some seriously useful starts in the first half… before getting tired from all the beers/sex with actresses/hamburgers/children/ Dodger dogs he consumes yearly.   The big guy is notorious.

But is this the year to at least snag him for the first half before wisely taking advantage of another owner’s short-sightedness and trade Penny?  Yes, I say. This Dave Duncan character knows his stuff.  Sometimes I imagine Duncan as Billy Crystal’s character in The Princess Bride, some kooky guy La Russa keeps around as he keeps bringing these pitchers back from limbo (see; Pinero, Joel.  Did you see Pinero’s start against that formidable Yankee lineup?  I did.  Believe the box.  He looked very much  in control).  Billy Crystal link here (~ the one minute mark he starts re-sparking)

So here’s my point, digression free:  I say ride the Dave Duncan, Zombiemaker bandwagon and snag Penny while you can and he’s hot.  How confident you are in his revival is up to you, but my route would be to pick him up, play him for a few nice starts, and try to swing him for a bench guy who’s slumping but usually much better (just look, I bet you find an example in your league in about 2 seconds).

Not a real zombie, but as close to the real thing...

Grab Penny, then spend accordingly.

Bad pun, good point, Gooch out.


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