UPDATE: Yahoo is not as on the ball as us.

FACT: I told ya’ll this phenomena before the season kicked in.  From ‘Closing Time’ today:

Negotiating the Mondays and Thursdays of fantasy baseball is an integral part of the pennant push and with that in mind it’s important to get a few position-flexible guys on your roster, the Swiss Army Knife players you can slide to multiple positions. A couple of my favorite flex plays went deep on Thursday, Atlanta’s Martin Prado(notes) (who qualifies at three infield spots) and Milwaukee’s Casey McGehee(notes) (he fills two positions).

There’s a lot of similarities between these two players: we’re talking about two unheralded NL hitters in their mid-20s (McGehee is 27, Prado 26) who some feel overachieved in 2009. Said a different way, these are the types of players you want to see get off to a quick start right away, just to cement their name on the lineup card. McGehee has more power potential for the full season (he clubbed 16 homers in just 355 at-bats last year) but there’s a lot to like about Prado’s swing, too (he’s currently producing a line drive on an absurd one-third of his at-bats).

But honestly, he’s spot on, so it’s worth reading his addition to my words.

Always  on the cutting edge,

Channel 4


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