Jake Peavy- Making Owners Turn to the Bottle.

Not going to lie.  After watching the 4.1ip of Peavy’s outing last night, I hit the frig for a cold one (and another… and maybe a few more).

I wasn't the only one.

After striking out 4 Rays’ batters in the first 2 innings, I thought he had settled down after a rocky start to the season.  I guess not. As my co-author has pointed out several times, the transition from the NL to the AL can be rough for starting pitchers.  BUT Peavy did look solid for the White Sox last season after coming back from injury.  Nights like last night leave owners wondering what is wrong. A higher Whip and ERA is expected in the AL, but 7BB??!!  That could be a sign of lingering injuries for a pitcher that has a career BB/9 of only 2.9.  Peavy is the ultimate low Risk- high Reward player right now if you can find an owner who is ready to cut ties (I am one of them).  I am considering almost a throw-in at this point.  Is this going to be a 2008 Verlander-ish season for Peavy or is he just shaking off the rust?  I’m still debating.



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2 responses to “Jake Peavy- Making Owners Turn to the Bottle.

  1. Eddy

    haha, what are your thoughts on the white sox offense? Are they gonna be picking it up anytime soon? I got Beckham on my team.

    Also, you guys should make a blog post on Justin Smoak.

  2. dwhitey1124

    I mean, Andruw Jones is hitting 3rd for them now so things are clearly not good. I am a huge Quentin fan but he needs to step it up. Konerko will hit 25 jacks and drive in 90. As I mentioned earlier, the White Sox are going hard after a lefty power bat. I see them getting Dunn if they lose out on Agone. I have never been a Beckham fan. I mean he’s a great player but not where people drafted him. I would much, much rather have Ian Stewart (and I do). I think Beckham is trade bait both in Fantasy and, rumors have it, in the Adrian Gonzalez sweepstakes.

    The Smoak post is coming.

    Thanks Eddy.

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