Smoak him if you got him

Here’s a clip of superstud v. superstud. Check out some of the related videos for more footage of Smoak, and be sure to check out that Youtube station, farmsystem, they have TONS of good clips.

With the arrival of Mr. Smoak, we can finally rest easy that this Chris Davis nightmare is over, praise the fantasy gods.  Players like Davis are the bane of optimistic fantasy players’ existences.

We’ve been waiting for Smoak to bring his sweet switch-hitting swing (say that five times fast) to the Banbox in Arlington.  Would you like to hear about Smoak’s pedigree?  Thought you might.  He is South Carolina’s home run king (not a shabby program to hold that title in!) with 62 and also is the career leader in RBI’s and walks…. so says Wikipedia…. and anyway, those are a few of my FAVORITE categories.  But they use metal in college, so who cares? What has he done in the minors?

(courtesy of

Minors (Rk-AAA) 135 599 144 30 17 68 96 99 .293 .411 .872

He was in Rookie, then AA ball.  Last year.  Suffice to say, the kid’s a fast upward mover.

Just take a look at those numbers.  He is 23 years old (and currently boasts a 3:1 BB:K ratio… in 5 ABs…).  Many compare him to similar switch hitters Larry Chipper Jones and Mark ‘Gonorrhea’ Texeria (ask him about it).  Admittedly, he does not have the same 40 homer upside Crash Davis may have provided, but as you know, I’ll take a bunch of doubles, walks and a huge OBP- all of which scouts believe Smoak can provide right now.  Also, let’s not sell the kid short, when scouts say he doesn’t have the power potential yet, they’re still seeing him as a 20-30 homer guy… Heck. CBS in their ‘accuscore’ predictor thing have him as a potential 20-80 guy, not bad for 23.

I’m practically foaming at the mouth looking at him on some other lucky b*$t&#!s’ team.

The kid can rake.  If he is somehow still on your wire  grab him.  If you missed him, nuts, maybe next time (We’re waiting, Mike Stanton…)

Smoak projects to be the type of First Baseman you want on a fantasy team.  At the very least, make a note somewhere reminding you to overdraft him next year.

Another bad reference, pick the kid up, he’s



(yeah, I’m a Microsoft paint wizard)


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