yup, he's still smiling

Here in the world of fantasy baseball is kind of like being in Hollywood- everyone love the glamour.  We’ve got our stars (Albert), our comedians (Willie Harris), our Mark Ruffalos, an unheralded actor in my book (think Brad Hawpe), our phenoms (J-Hey), and our Lohans (sorry, Chris Davis, you kinda f’d me).  So why are we in Fantasywood always so reluctant to go back to an industry legend, perhaps past his prime, looking for a resurgance?  Ladies and gentlemen, give Mickey Rourke Paul Konerko a chance!

I’m buying into Konerko.  After a down ’08, Konerko rebounded a bit, though still not quite bashing numbers of yore.  Even if its just a wicked hot streak, I’m gambling the fella still has a season in the tank.  And Bobby Abreu, Todd Helton, and Pudge Rodriguez are giving a big middle finger to anyone who doubts the old dog- see they never forget their old tricks…

While he may not look like this spry chicken above (P.S. I have this card), Konerko’s been mashing like one, with an OPS clear over 1.000.  Go grab him now as an IF, UTIL, or 1B/backup depending on your league’s depth.  Ride the wave of youth folks!

And now ladies  and gentlemen, Mr. Elvis Costello and Mr. Burt Bacharach

Bonus P.S.  Vlad’s kinda impaling now too- so keep an eye on him and his health… he is in the Banbox in Arlington… and that crazy summer jetstream is approaching


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