Alex Gordon > Ashton Kutcher, both still suck.

…in the Fantasy Baseball Butterfly Effect sense.

yup, that's the face your unfortunate owners are making too

In not-so-breaking or shocking news, the Royals optioned ever-struggling third baseman Alex Gordon to AAA Omaha last night.  This raises one big question for me – did I miss something?

I never understood the Alex Gordon hoopla.  I never sipped the ‘next George Brett’ Kool-Aid because, well, that comparison was absurd.  Certainly Gordon showed flashes of becoming a good player, and his 2008 year led many to believe he was on the right path.  But Gordon ultimately could not live up to his intensely exaggerated ceiling.  The ultimate expectations-performance letdown, fantasy-wise (and yet, we never learn, do we?).  Enough ragging though (I’m particularly proud of myself for not ever buying into him).  The Alex Gordon demotion creates a very interesting spillover fantasy effect, especially for such a crappy team (Greinke is 0-3.  His WHIP? 0.98).  So here we go… (in order of immediate fantasy relevance)

Alberto Callaspo

From reading the KC Star, it seems Callaspo becomes the starting third baseman, great news for fantasy owners who have been lamenting his lack of regularity in the lineup in years past (hand raised).  Callaspo can hit and has always been a fantasy favorite to breakout (which he did with 576 AB last year).  With multiple eligibility at 2B/3B, a solid .350-.370 OBP, and both the speed and propensity for doubles (41! to go with 8 3-baggers!), Callaspo figures to be an Asdrubal Cabrera-like player given the starting position at Third.  And again, I love multiple eligibility.  Heck, I might like him more than Asdrubal, who I honestly find to be a pretty boring player and who sounds like a symptom of eating Bugles.  Google it, you’ll get it if you don’t already.

Chris Getz

Simply put, Chris Getz is a little speedster.  Did you know he had 25 steals last year?  Did you know he did that in 375 AB (415 PA)?  Add to that his hometown is the setting for a great John Cusack movie and the fact that he played in the Cape League, which I see as a way of ‘nutting up’ after the crap that is Aluminum College Baseball, and I see a very solid player- And his manager agrees.  He does the little things.  Point being, ergo, i.e, long and short of it- Chris Getz is the starting second baseman for your Kansas City Royals and Chris Getz is going to steal some bases.  If you need some cheap speed, I can almost assure you he’s floating around in many standard leagues.

Kila Ka’aihue

The dark horse candidate for benefitting most from Alex Gordon sucking is….. Willie Bloomquist!


Love for that silly utility player aside, Killah K (coining that nickname, write it down) can MASH.  He has obliterated AAA pitching the tune of a  1.078 OPS.  Yikes.  He had a nice cup of coffee with KC last year and by all accounts is a legitimate big league pitch-smusher.  The only issue was the Royals’ logjam of large buttoxed, hit spewing 1B/DH types.  With the Gordon demotion and likely trade/injury of Jose Guillen, look for Kila (see, get the nickname?) to get the call sooner rather than later.

man, can you imagine if I had spent that space writing about Bloomquist?

To summarize; grab Callaspo, Getz is your cheap wheels, stash Killah K, and always make fun of Willie Bloomquist (and it’s nothing personal, just the kinda crazy contract and wikipedia-ed nickname of ‘the silent assassin’ makes it too easy).

enjoy some Chiddy Bang folks




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2 responses to “Alex Gordon > Ashton Kutcher, both still suck.

  1. SJS

    Gordon’s been a huge disappointment.

    I would have tried to keep Teahen (at 3B) left Callaspo at 2B, kept Olivio for offense from C, given Aviles a shot at SS again, and ‘Killah K’ would be my DH.

    Sure, the D would be pretty bad, but at least there would be some offense for once.

    Development is key for KC right now, playing veterans AND losing is really doing nothing. Especially when in FA they’re paying average players like they are good players.

    Someone might have given a decent trade for Gordan earlier, but not anymore. Too bad.

    Also, DeJesus needs to be in the middle, not the beginning of the lineup. One of the few players playing well, and he’s not necessarily fast.

    It’s hard to be a fan of this team right now…

    • Well put- it IS very hard to be a fan of that team.

      It’s funny you say that about DeJesus, I was thinking a similar thing the other night as I wrote that post… he’s another guy to be aware of as he goes on hotter than hot streaks.

      And to your point about Aviles, he certainly came back with a bang. Maybe he gets back to a 2008-like performance? The fans certainly like him.

      Kila should be DH, I’m glad we’re in agreement about that (yeah defense isn’t really a fantasy concern with the exception of some of those pesky custom leagues)

      Thanks for the comment,

      go Royals?


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