I hope you guys listened to my advice. (Check out the time of the comment if you doubt me). As it has been said in several places, we are very confident in our fantasy knowledge and don’t wait to jump on the bandwagon like some other sites (Espn, ahem).

That being said, Brett Cecil has great stuff and a bright future, but do not expect him to be a stud, yet.  His minor league stats are intriguing, but he lacks the consistency needed to take the jump to fantasy stardom.  His upside is 2009 Jonathan Sanchez…but in the AL East and not the Little League known as the NL West.  Cecil is worth grabbing in deeper leagues (14+) and definitely worth a spot on your watch list.  Keep an eye out for favorable matchups.  If you can’t tell given the number of “but”s, keep your expectations in check.

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7 responses to “WHAT DID I SAY???

  1. dwhitey1124

    One guy I like even more than Brett Cecil is Tom Gorzelanny. He has looked much improved and could be a poor man’s Ted Lilly.

    For the record, I was on the Jaime bandwagon in spring training but anyone can say that in May.

  2. Mike Jones

    I think this is kinda gay. Don’t think I don’t know about Cecil. But at the same time you think I listen to espn. I don’t even visit their website. Just don’t think you are the next Nostradamus cuz you think Cecil is a stud after he one hits an offense that is at the bottom in the AL.

  3. dwhitey1124

    If you read that post at all, you would know that I don’t think he is a stud. Cecil has great stuff and could develop into a nice starter.

    The original post was about spot starts for Mondays. Our picks were Alex Rios and Brett Cecil. Granted Cleveland is a terrible team, but they’re not even last in their division (and won’t finish last).

    And yes, you might know about Cecil, but given the fact that he is 5% owned in Yahoo! leagues, I’m guessing a lot of people don’t.

  4. Mike Jones

    True. I actually think Cecil is gonna be a stud. I love the guy. You get some props in and around the community. That’s cool. I’ll give you props too. It seems though all you really do is use your own knowledge and experience to assess talent. You would think it’s easy, but a lot of ppl don’t know jack. so, cheers.

  5. dwhitey1124

    Fair enough. Ian Kennedy should be a good start tomorrow. My opinion is that he should probably be owned universally now that he’s pitching in the NL West with a bunch of run support.

    P.S. People don’t need to be told as much as they need to be reminded….Ian Kennedy is a stud.

    (Mike, you know this.)

  6. Mike Jones

    against houston aaron harang is a universal own.

    • dwhitey1124

      Haha o Harang. Whatever happened to last year being a rebound from his 2008 forearm injury? He was a stud for my staff in 2007. It hurts me to watch him give up homers like he’s pitching bp.

      I think Kennedy could be a universal own for the season. His homer-run rate will come back to earth and the Ks and whip will be very solid.

      170ip 10w 3.8era 1.25 whip 160ks

      Just a guess.

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