Fantasy GM: Mariners Edition

Probably could have a ring on all five of those fingers if you went to Boston.

In order to try to liven up the discussion in the comment section, I am going to propose an old trade scenario  that you would face if you were Jack Zduriencik, GM of the Mariners. The trade is from last season when the Red Sox told the M’s they could pick five of the following eight prospects:

Clay Buchholz

Daniel Bard

Michael Bowden

Justin Masterson

Nick Hagadone

Josh Reddick

Yamaico Navarro

Felix Doubront

For Felix Hernandez.

I know that trade never went down but, lets assume the Sox come back and offer that again. Who do you take and why? I know this isn’t fantasy baseball related (although you could talk about how King Felix would do in Boston) but we need to get some discussion going.

Have at it.



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2 responses to “Fantasy GM: Mariners Edition

  1. criswellt

    I guess since I wrote this post, I should probably respond.

    I would take Clay Buchholz without a question. He has proven that he can be reliable and his upside (UPSIDE PEOPLE) is a 20 game winner. You can’t not take him, he would go into your rotation as a replacement right away.

    Next, I would take Daniel Bard. He is going to save 30+ games at some point soon. He could be (is) dominant and I would want him on my team in October.

    Next I would take Hagadone. He is a lefty who has good stuff and could make a solid middle to back of the rotation starter or a solid lefty reliever out of the ‘pen.

    The next guy is Navarro. You can’t have enough solid short stop prospects in your system.

    The last is Doubront. Another lefty starter who could be dominant.

    As you can see I am leaning heavily towards pitching. Ultimately, you have to replace what you are losing and this will do that. I passed on Bowden because he really looks like a AAAA guy and Reddick because his upside right now looks like Gabe Kapler, but less sexy.

  2. I’ll offer my take tretrain,

    So obviously you have to grab Bard to start, as he has proven to be dominant. Also, Bucholz, who is going to be mini-Beckett. Those two are no doubters for me.

    I also grab Masterson- I think he is a solid, smart pitcher. He throws strikes, get ground balls, and has the stuff to strike guys out. He will be a solid major leaguer. It is not very often you can grab a guy like him who I don’t think anyone in baseball would doubt can be a solid #3 starter for years to come.

    Now it gets tricky.

    I, like Trevor, think Hadagone has some nasty stuff and his K numbers prove it. A strong lefty with strong K numbers always has a spot on a team, from bullpen hoss to back of the rotation staple.

    Trevor and I disagree on Reddick, though. Call it the-great-white-hope syndrome, but I like him as a player who can contribute in many ways. Check his minors stats- solid across the board. He seems like the type of guy who can surprise you with his productivity a-la David Murphy. Also while you are there, tell me that picture didn’t make you laugh out loud.

    I’m sure I’d get skewered for my Reddick bias, but he is the most consistent and ready now-ish

    so overall the M’s get a pretty much ML-ready group of young guys ready to step up

    in our wonderful fantasy world where this could happen


    p.s. it’s redundant to say someone is less sexy than Gabe the Babe, that’s just assumed. He is absurd.

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