Ka’aihue recalled after Ankiel placed on DL

Good timing there, Royals.  Now we just need him to rake so we (and some astute commenters) look like we know what we’re talking about…

Honestly though, if you’re like me (and don’t have a jerk like Dave in your league snatching guys right in front of you) and need some middle infield pop and you missed on Smoak, Konerko, etc, etc  grab Killah K, the Kila Monster, and hope he continues to mash and get on base (I think he will).  He’s a good hitter with a good eye, give him a shot.

KILLAH (Cam, that is)


BONUS:  if you clicked the link above, or know who the rapper Cam’ron is, you must see his interview on CBS news (where he says he’d rather get shot than be a snitch) and his bit on Bill O’Reilly.  Amazing.  Not that it has anything to do with fantasy, just ridiculous.



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6 responses to “WITHOUT FURTHER ADO……

  1. This reminds me, what would you guys say Smoak’s current trade value is? I have Billy Butler and Martin Prado eligible at 1st but I like what Smoak is doing at the plate.

  2. Depends on the league man. If your looking for a good young pitcher or some other kind of unproven guy you think is going to break out, you could probably spin a deal?

    he’s a good guy to trade after a hot week though


  3. SJS

    thanks for the shout out!

    I hope he does well too, but I don’t think he’s worth a pickup (unless you’re in a really deep league) until Hillman shows he will play him regularly. He might not get a whole lot of PT although I hope I’m wrong.

  4. fair point.

    I’m being presumptuous- Jose Guillen has to break down sooner rather than later and that team is in serious need of some spark.

    also, if Kila’s riding the bench and Greinke loses another 2-0 game he might kill the skip and take over as player-coach anyway…

  5. dwhitey1124

    Haha well said. Let’s keep in mind that Kila isn’t some AAAA player like Jake Fox was last year. You can’t call him up just to sit on the bench. Although he might not get pt right away, he will get his turn. Or at least, I hope that Moore is smart enough to know that a player like Kila needs his at bats. Worst case scenario, this is like LaPorta last year and they send him back down.

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