Gerut Hits for the Cycle, Still has Amusing Name

Congrats to Jody Gerut on becoming the 6th Brewers player ever to do it.  The cycle.  And this awesome high five thing(circa 2009):


Now this is not a post detailing the fantasy prowess of one Jody Gerut.  This was merely his fourth start of the year. However, the Brew Crew have been scoring like drunken sailors lately so this feat is especially notable.  Don’t forget, because I won’t let you, that Mr. Gerut (OK, I confess, I have trouble with the name ‘Jody’) put together a useful 2008 fantasy campaign (15 2B, 4 3B, 15 HR in Petco) in around 100 games.  I’m not saying add Gerut and I’m explicitly telling you to let another foolish manager pick him up in shallow-er leagues (8-12 teams), but I do recommend you watch the Brewers closely if you’re in need of a cheap, productive OF because with the exception of Braun, there’s ample opportunity for someone to play themselves into a starting role.   I don’t think Gomez has what we like to call staying power and as much as it pains me to say it, Corey Hart is a flake.

In deep leagues (like the absurd 20 man league I am in), Gerut is an interesting gamble.  For the rest of you, this is more of a warning that the Brewers offense is heating up (as they are wont to do) and to watch the team as a whole if you’re looking to ride the hot hand- Gerut or not (e.g. McGehee, Weeks et al).

If the Brewers are mashing, look out, Bernie’s gonna have some serious slide burn



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