Trey Hillman Fired- Yost Takes Over

Just hours after The Mexicutioner saved Greinke’s first win of the season, the Royals fired Hillman

Ned Yost, taken on as an adviser this offseason, will replace Hillman.  I understand that the Royals are tired of losing, but is firing the manager really the best way to start winning? It worked for the Rockies last year…thoughts?



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2 responses to “Trey Hillman Fired- Yost Takes Over

  1. dwhitey1124

    I didn’t want to be totally biased in my post. Personally, I think that the front office is looking for a scapegoat. Hillman is partly responsible for their record but it’s the ROYALS. Many of their players are underachieving, but it’s not like their ceiling is incredibly high. Maybe this move will shake things up. I really don’t see a big change in performance coming though.

  2. Anonymous

    this post should link to the kila posts….

    it’ll be interesting to see how playing time shakes down with yost

    (looking at you, Yuniesky)

    hopefully some fantasy value will come from this

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