Welcome Back Jeff Francis

7 IP, 7 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 6 K. That’s useful, folks.

still looks like he's 15 though

Granted, it was against the Nationals- but let’s be fair.  We touted Jhoulys Chacin and he got bounced around by this same team, so maybe the Nats aren’t quite the Nats anymore… maybe.

Regardless, Francis looked sharp, commanding a change and that nifty curve slipping in around 70 mph (which must just be incredibly frustrating).  He didn’t factor into the decision because the Rockies, like many teams this year, have come across the reanimated Frankenstein pitcher that is Scott Olsen (remember how bad he was!!?!? I do.)

Francis was on his way to being a very interesting fantasy asset.  He took a detour but my recommendation is to grab him without a doubt in NL leagues – don’t fear the Rockies!  And at the very least kick the tires in a mixed league, especially if you’re looking for a good complimentary starter  (I followed through too snagging him in our League Of Champions).  Francis battled through some tough starts in 2007 and some mechanical issues had derailed him in his spiral down/ to injury.  I’m taking a flyer.  If you’re one of the tens of loyal readers, heed my advice:

At least put him on your watch list?  Please?

Sorry for the delay in posting, we’re getting it down.

back to the laser show (great, great .GIF to go with that clip)


—> Also should note that Clippard got the loss in this game.  He’s nuts folks.  The fact that a reliever at this point of the season has 9 appearances of record (7-2) is bananas.  He’s putting together one of those ridiculous fantasy reliever seasons you hope to have the fortune of sustaining – but be  wary.


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One response to “Welcome Back Jeff Francis

  1. Anonymous


    clippard has allowed over half the runners he has inherited to score, so I mean that at some point you would think his effectiveness would slip

    but who knows, maybe not

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