Cajones of the Week: Freddi Gonzalez

one badass freddi fish

Yeah, I know the week just started but this is Award-worthy NOW.

If I may, I’d like to take a second and digress from the fantasy realm to larger love, the sport of baseball.

Good for you Freddi Gonzalez.

I have been watching baseball since I was 5 years old.  There is nothing I love more than shagging fly balls in the outfield.  I asked the baseball Gods over and over again to bless me with the 90 mph arm, the fast twitch muscles to wait on a curveball, beat out a grounder, any single skill set in the game.  Sadly, I was only left with a baseball brain.

We as fans don’t ask for much, really we don’t.  We allow players to bitch and moan about getting paid ‘only’ millions of dollars to play the game, forgive them for their (ahem) transgressions, and really deal with some bull$%*!.  If this was a relationship – that is if we as fans were the unfortunate significant other of the abusive boyfriend that is Major League Baseball – we would by all accounts be past the point of reconciliation.  But we’re all still here.  All we ask for, at the end of the day, is that the players try, look like they care even if it’s only a fraction of how much we care.  And managers rarely have the power to do anything when they don’t ( Manny Ramirez couldn’t be given away by the Sox years back, he’s the posterchild in my mind).

So I find it immensely refreshing to hear Freddi Gonzalez put himself on the line and call out his superstar Hanley Ramirez for THIS embarrassing lack of effort (Aaron Boone and Nomar on the ESPN broadcast were beyond baffled.  Quote, Nomar; “Did he think the play was over?  Was that the last play of the game?”  Easy, Nomie, don’t sound too giddy… but I do know you’d never do that).

What makes this especially egregious in my book is that his teammates Cameron Maybin and Cody Ross made absolute GEMS of catches in the same game. Seriously.  Ross’s was a nice sliding grab towards the right field foul line (oh, yeah, he played left the other night and had a nice grab there too…) but Maybin’s is something spectacular.  Honestly, that is one of the finest outfield plays I have seen all season.

So I’m glad Freddi told Han-Ram to nut up or shut up.  Someone needs to every once in a while.

Let’s just hope he keeps his job because of it.

SO, gold star for Freddi Gonzalez.  Lump of coal for Ramirez.

I know this has nothing to do with fantasy for most of you, but I like having players on my team I enjoy rooting for.  Guys I appreciate watching.  Hanley just lost serious points in my book.

Here’s to hoping he isn’t just another spoiled brat.

Whoops. Shut up Hanley.  You dogged it.  We all saw.  I’m sure your ankle hurt- but you looked fine in that initial sprint…

Always sprinting though the bag,


and watch that Maybin catch again.  That’s ridiculous.

-and Ross is notoriously streaky and looking good at the plate… an interesting OF grab…



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2 responses to “Cajones of the Week: Freddi Gonzalez

  1. ALSO

    this is further evidence for why Dustin ‘Lasershow’ Pedroia is my favorite player in the game

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