Update: Hanley Ramirez Just Doesn’t Get It

It was either this or a pic of HanRam with an emo haircut...

–> I know at least 2 people not related to any of us read this blog from time to time, PLEASE share your thoughts in the comments!  Am I the only one who is so perturbed by this situation!?

Herm Edwards said it on ESPN- you can have the talent, but you just gotta try (I’m paraphrasing).

Hanley came out and stated that since Freddi Gonzalez didn’t play in the big leagues, he doesn’t get it.

No Hanley, YOU don’t get it.  Even the veterens are not on your side, you arrogant ponce.

I hope he continues to ride the pine til he apologizes.  Or goes to the Dodgers so they can have the all-Ramirez-who-don’t-respect-this-game team…

Still fuming, though Herm Edwards’ RIDICULOUS getup on this morning’s Sportscenter made my day already




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