The Bautista-led Blue Jays Covet their 3rd place spot in AL East

This is ”swear to god wrote this  days ago'” from nillyDANGLE,

this is important to his importance (and competence) as this post is still relevant… though messy  so go ahead and do your worst…

grr baby                                  the bautista.

With a division in baseball as tough as the American League East, it would only make sense that a team in “just don’t be too shitty” mode like Toronto would be clinging on for dear life to 3rd place.  Well, much to the dismay of us Red Sawx (yeah I said ‘Sawx’, ’cause I like to get drunk and talk in a Boston accent) fans, the damn Jays are in fact clinging and clinging hard…real hard.

It all begins with Jose Bautista, a 3b/utility man who has played much of his career with Baseball’s worst team (of the decade): The Pittsburgh Pirates.  Yesterday Bautista hit his team-leading 14th home run – to go with his team-leading 38 rbi’s.

On the flip side…Bautista’s batting avg: An astounding .242.

So how does a less than attractive utility man turn on such ridiculous power numbers (which have come fairly consistently might I add; he should be owned in most leagues)?

Couldn’t be steroids…you have to be partially brain-dead to make that mistake now.

Perhaps he took fertility drugs, but Bautista has suffered no really serious injuries in his 6 year major league career.

Could it be that he’s just pulling a Chris Shelton circa 2006?  Nah Shelton hit 9 hr’s in his first 13 games.

The fact of the matter is: Jose Bautista has just bought into the entire offensive philosophy of the Toronto Blue Jays.  The same mindset that destroyed the 50 double seasons for Lyle Overbay, and enabled Aaron Hill to hit 36 home runs in 2009 (a feat that our own Dave White feels he can repeat, BOO Dave!)

The coincidence: C John Buck has 8 home runs at a .269 clip where he has struck out 36 times already as a time-splitting catcher; AND out of never-never land SS Alex Gonzalez (a former powerless Red Sox nonetheless) has 10 home runs while hitting .275 (an avg. that will likely drop considering it was at a whopping .260 just five days ago).

It is evident that Jays manager Cito Gaston tells his team to swing for the god damn fences because in all reality, a couple of big flies have to happen each game in order for the Blue Jays to keep place at the middle of the AL East.

So keep swining it like Johnny Gomes with a fungo bat Joseph, if ya’ll get some pitching to go along with your crafty offense you guys may just earn yourselves the ‘Bush League’ award…and you personally will not be ranked in the top 300 fantasy players next off season…again.



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