The Roy We Once Knew

As many have heard whispers of Roy Oswalt (and his wifey) wanting out of Houston, who could really blame the 33 year old.  He has yet to win a championship but has tasted sweet victory before with visits to the NLCS in his time with Houston (remember when Carlos Beltran and the killer B’s made a name for themselves?). 

Well not only has Oswalt made it clear that he wants to move, he’s doing what he can to help the dwindling ‘stros.

The initial issue that arose in the Houston front office when Roy made his feelings heard was that the Astros would only trade him if they could receive A&B-list prospects from the highest bidder.  Well Oswalt’s value wasn’t anywhere near that high when rumors began to spread.  However, with no time missed for injury, the Mississippi-born hurler has allowed 3 or fewer runs in each of his starts this season (8 ip, 0 er, 9 k in last start vs. MIL).

Roy must really not want to be in Houston (or he just really doesn’t want his team to suck this year).  The man is proving his value by stalling NL offenses and lighting up the strike zone with that mid-90’s fastball that made him so stellar in the middle part of the decade.

In other words, he’s doing what he can to make himself tradable (you’re standard good-‘ole fashion showcase).

Oswalt’s potential suitors:

Well the Nationals can certainly offer up enough quality prospects, but will they continue to hang? And is it worth taking a 33 year old injury-prone veteran when your team is still SO young?

Cincinatti is certainly another NL squad that had surprised some folks (especially if you’re from Cinci).  While they have a bevy of young pitchers (Leake, Cueto, Bailey, and eventually Aroldis Chapman) Dusty Baker’s boys havn’t been impressed with the production from Harang, and they cannot expect Bronson ‘The Voice’ Arroyo to log 30 quality starts.  With the youth in tact and the offense to support it, I think Oswalt could see this as a top-choice destination.

In all reality Roy needs to stay in the NL and not follow the path of former fellow NL ace Jake Peavy (who left mid-season for the south side of Chicago last year).  He is much more comfortable there and the transition will be fluid.

With the emergence of Stephen Strasburg likely in early June, Washington may certainly land the ace, but if you ask me, going to team with guarenteed talented offense (which is why you’re leaving Houston) is the safest bet.

While the shopping in DC may take the cake in this battle, my inside source (Mrs. Texiera) ensures me that the difference is minimal Roy.


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