Slams & Slips

Kendry Morales sustained a freak injury Saturday night during his walk-off grand slam celebration.  We have seen some impressive jumps on home plate in the past, but Kendry was keeping it simple.  Of all the injuries one could expect from getting mobbed by a group of testosterone-pumped, overly-excited men, a lower leg fracture is not what first comes to mind. 

What now? Morales is scheduled to have surgery and will be placed on the 15 day DL. The move to place him on the 15 day DL is just to avoid the infamous “60 day” tag.  The Angels will be faced with a challenge to replace their slugger.  With Jeff Mathis returning from injury in the next few weeks, Mike Napoli will be freed up to both  DH and perhaps play 1B.  Robb Quinlan is next on the depth chart but I’m not too sure how long the Angels will want to stick with this… The way Napoli has been playing, I think he is the player that benefits the most from this freak injury.



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4 responses to “Slams & Slips

  1. dwhitey1124

    Napoli is starting at 1B this afternoon. Looks like my thinking was on the right track.

  2. no buster posey post?

    • dwhitey1124

      We were planning on it but my 2 authors that know him best decided to Cape Cod and have limited internet access…. And there should’ve been a Doc post but I honestly thought nothing we wrote could have done him justice. He’s that good and his performance was that impressive.

      • i had a post scribbled down for doc

        we left it for 2 reasons:

        1- it was just too good. too obvious.

        2- i was rewatching it on dvr…. and every outlet beat me to it easily, we’re not lookin to overkill

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