News: D-Train Headed to Desert, Bill F’n Buckner (not that one) to Detroit

In semi-recent news (with this newfangled ‘web’ thing terms like ‘recent’ and breaking take on new meanings), the De-railed D-Train has been moved to Arizona in exchange for the Billy Buckner 2.0. 

first stop: the pool.


This is not, I repeat NOT a call to arms, so to speak.  Neither pitcher is particularly exciting.  Buckner has been a matchup guy at best and I’m sure you’re familiar with Dontrelle if you’re reading this blog (I mean honestly, how would you have come across us if not for your upstanding Fantasy repertoire. Or lack therof, I suppose.  Whatever, just click the link if you want to recall when  he was good.) 


Dontrelle was pretty freakin’ sweet for a span of a couple years in Florida, don’t forget (seriously, here’s the link again if you didn’t obey earlier).  He is heading to the NL West- notorious for turning “hmm maybe-s” into “yea I could take a flyer-s” (see; Garland, Jon if you don’t believe me- have you seen him pitch?) 

While I don’t look forward to an implosion at Coors Field (I’m thinking that could happen), if Willis gets out of his own head he could be a very interesting guy in the upcoming weeks.  Imagine D-Train against that Giants lineup- If he’s a shell of himself it’s still worth watching.  I say add him to your watchlist now and add him at the first sign of a turnaround (In my book, 3 consecutive solid/promising starts). 

As for Buckner, he’s equally worth the watch list, though with less of a history.  The Tigers are a good team and play in a good park.  That’s a fact.  Buckner is a smart pitcher, getting lots of grounders when he pitches well.  This could be a diamond in the rough for Detroit if they stumble across a groundball-machine 4th or 5th starter, making him at least worth a pickup every once in awhile for ya’ll. 

Again this is all based on a lot of ifs, ands, ors, and buts- however I feel confident in saying that if you add both to your watch list, one will be worth adding at some point this season for some reason.  Two points to me for rhyming as I covered my butt there being vague. 

All aboard the D-train (I’m a fan, I do the leg kick), 

and good luck to him, I know he’s gone though some stuff mentally.  We hope he’ll get some redemption.  America loves a comeback, especially one from someone as fun and kind as Dontrelle (just ask Barry Zito). 








and not to mix sports but BEAT LA, BEAT LA, BEAT LA (sorry they’re chanting it at the Fens) 



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