NBA, MLB…Same ish

Have you seen this man?

After receiving my 916th vague text message from Dave this week – during my 21rst birthday dinner nonetheless – (& vague meaning he’ll text me something like “holy shit”, thus requiring me to inquire more about his reaction) I was honestly not all that surprised to hear someone new had come within a smidge (yeah…a smidge) of yet another perfect game.  When watching Jim Joyce blow that call on a ground ball play at second base later that night as I ate Ben & Jerry’s watching Baseball Tonight, I could only say one thing to myself: “AHA!”  While personally, I am not the most liberal of thinkers I couldn’t help but say to myself, “It all makes sense”.

Umpire Jim Joyce (an apologetic fellow) seconds before that call must have gotten a signal from the commish to blow it, thus disabling any possibility of a THIRD perfect game and FOURTH no-hitter…IN THE FIRST 2 MONTHS OF THE SEASON!!!  Do forgive me for the abundance of caps but this shit is crazy.

Call me a conspiracy theorist but in the spirit of the of the concerning officiating flowing through the NBA playoffs (that has gotten my C’s to the finals even still) you have to at least say it confidently once to feel like a B.A…the MLB is totally rigged.

After all of this the MLB is however potentially reviewing the call. This would be quite pathetic.  Are they going to put an * (sorry couldn’t spell the word) next to Armando Galaraga’s perfect game in the history books?  Shit happens guys.  I know it sucks that a perfect game got blown, but umpiring and ‘eyeballin’ it’ is simply part of the game and always has been.  Missed or made calls change the outcomes of games all the time and with replay already playing a  newly significant role in baseball, let’s not get our panties up in a bundle – unless you’re Galaraga…sorry brohan.

Kudos to Jim Joyce for personally apologizing to his victim and manager Jimmy Leyland. Poor guy feels pretty terrible…SERIOUS cajones!

And now we have a comment from commissioner Bud…oh my, how shocking


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