The Year of the I.I.R.

Yet another friday morning, and yet another day of feeling insignificant to the MLB community (definitely not the fantasy community though…Nilly=reigning champion and current first place manager).  With my pathetic insecurity I have forced myself to make an impact by creating my own acronym, I.I.R.  The Instant Impact Rookie is something that, for the first time since the 90’s, really seems to be prominent within teams fighting for divisional positioning.

With all of this hoopla surrounding mr. Strasburg and his phenominal maturity and consistency through the minor leagues and in college, I thought to myself, “damn, these are some of the scariest prospects i’ve seen” – in regards to a few of the young bucks in the ranks this season.

First name you’ll be hearing (well, have already heard is more like it):

Stephen Strasburg (SP-WAS.).  Curt Schilling – while he often abuses his baseball wisdom in Boston media – said that this guy is the most mature young pitcher since Roger Clemens came up through the Red Sox farm system.  Schilling spoke of his physical maturity as though he’d never seen anything like it.  And what about the psychological development? Strasburg has only allowed 3 ER’s once in a start and in the other starts he gave the opposing team 1 earned run or less.  While the Natties have flopped 3 games below .500 and are falling fast, expect June 8th to be a friggin’ yooj sellout at RFK.

 “Uh oh, I think some of the blood leaked down into right sock!”

Strasburg Projected Rookie stats: 12+ starts; 3-1; 128 k; 1.18 whip.

Second name; the one you’ll begin to hear more about starting now:

Buster Posey(C/1B-SF.).  REAL baseball fans may remember this cute little guy back when he was raking 10 doubles for every position he played (mythical stat) back at Florida St.  I just picked him up in my league and he is my new starting catcher.  Posey can hit for decent pop, but his overall size makes him a tremendous line-drive hitter.  In AT&T Park you should expect him to be a leader in doubles and extra base-hits for years to come.  His catching days may be numbered because of the desire amongst Giants management to keep his legs healthy.  He’ll likely keep his catching eligibility through the fantasy seasons and will play about 50% of games at first base – a great thing for fantasy owners because statistically he rakes at first.  He had 6 hits in his first 7 at-bats, and the only game he has not hit in up until this point was a game against a man who’s ERA is .78 (no name required).

Posey Projected Rookie Stats: 200-240 at-bats; 7 home runs; 32 rbi; .330 avg.

Final rook to keep an eye out for:

Mike Stanton(OF-FLA.).  NO, not that relief pitcher who probably retired a few years ago. First order of business…the fool is 6 ‘5 & 240 lbs, talk about a HOSS.  He’s a righty with tremendous pop and can be thrown into a lineup to hit 3 or 4 easily.  This kid is even younger than I am and as I mentioned earlier, I literally just turned 21.  He scares me, and with Hanley to get a guy like this driving him in…hoo doggy this could be a drastic change to the momentum of some fantasy teams (Hanley owners too).  Expect Stanton to come up in the next 3 weeks or so and KEEP CHECKING YOUR FREE AGENT LISTS fantasy owners because he aint there yet and you want…check that…you NEED him in your outfield.

Stanton Projected Stats: 150-200 at-bats; 13 home runs, 29 rbi

These are the pickups you make in a fantasy league that can change your team for the better.  While most league should have Posey on a team, and that goes without saying for the super-hyped Strasburg, Mike Stanton should be on everybody’s radar.

Welcome to the year of instant impact rookies, embrace it and don’t miss out because we may not see rookies this polished any time soon hereafter.


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  1. TW

    This post would have been helpful to me if you would have posted it at the beginning of the week. Posey was taken in all 3 of my leagues on May 29th, Stanton back on Monday, and Strasburg since the beginning of the season.

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