‘Ovechkin aint nothin’

Okay so I had to put the title of this piece in partial quotations because Washington Nationals rookie Stephen Strasburg didn’t actually say anything of the sort.  But the thought definitely entered a lot of folks’ minds.  In front of a standing room only crowd at RFK stadium, just as experts Curt Schilling and Peter Gammons among others had predicted, King Stras layed down the hammer.

7 ip; 4 hits; 2 er; 0 bb’ 14 k – ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I knew he’d be good, especially against the team who’s had the most complete game shutouts thrown against them (Pittsburgh), but come on…

The San Diego St. grad managed a k/9 of 18.00 while being on a limited pitch count.  He threw 95 pitches and commanded every single grip.  Don’t expect a performance like this all the time from Strasman but expect greatness.  His explosiveness and polished stuff resembles Dwight Gooden back when he was the biggest prospect sports had ever seen.  While baseball is stoked to have a new stud in the midst, it the District of Columbia that has received a massive confidence boost.  In a tight NL East race the Nationals find themselves at the bottom.  But more importantly for the position that the club is in, the stadium was able to get its first sell-out.  With another phenom in Bryce Harper about to make his way throught the minors, the franchise has something to look forward to. While they have been devastated by the dissapointment of the Capitals NHL playoff failure, fans in Washington don’t have a need to put all of their wishful eggs in one basket.

The Nationals in my mind will not make the playoffs this season, but they have the money and the tools to build a very well-regarded franchise.  All they need now is for the fans to buy in.

COME ONE D.C, the future is yours…now buy season tickets for 2011!

As for you Ovie () you might want to see a dentist…and a surgeon to transplant you a pair of CAJONES, because someone handles the pressure a little better than you do in D.C (and i’m not talkin about Obama).


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