Mastering the Moment

…life was good back then

On just another night at Progressive Field in Cleveland – that’s what they’re calling home games there now – depressed Cleveland sports fans were in minimal attendance to see what they expected to be another tally in the win column for the Red Sox.

Well it wasn’t just another night for pitcher Justin Masterson. The 25 year old was set up to face his former team, the Boston Red Sox.  After being traded to Cleveland in the Victor Martinez deal last July, Masterson has seen a severe lack in run support along with an inability to string together quality starts.

Facing potential All-Star Game Starting Pitcher Clay Buchholz, Masterson in my mind wasn’t going to make it past the 6th inning.  Well either the Sox were paying respect to a once loved pitching prospect, or Justin got a hold of some of Jeff Niemann’s Kool-Aid.

His final line: CG, SHO, 2 H, 2 BB, 6 K (110 pitches)

…this all coming before an 8-run 8th inning.

Materson has always had great stuff and with an unorthodox delivery his effectiveness is never completely absent.

I’m going to go ahead and give Masterson 2nd place this week in the Cajones Bowl (an event that did not exist until I had to tell two players they had cajones) only behind King Stras and his MLB debut because it takes an expensive pair of jewels to throw a CG shutout against the Red Sox – especially with the way they have been hitting lately; against his former team no-less; against one of the hottest pitchers in baseball too (Buchholz had a 2.31 era entering the game and managed to allow 3 er over 7 innings last night).

Amidst all the Strasburg hooplah, I thought it was necessary to give Masty a shout out because this could be the biggest start of his career…at least until he pitches for a contender.

And no just because I wrote about him you shouldn’t pick him up in your league…lack of consistency and Shin Soo-Choo as your best hitter doesn’t quite generate a high level of success.


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