Delmon Young Sighting

Delmon Young

Remember when Delmon Young was the ‘next big shit’ in Major League Baseball? Well chya he was the number one overall pick by the (Devil) Rays in 2003. And then, much like other JaMarcus Russell-esque athletes (Alex Gordon, Khalil Greene) Delmon fell off the face of the earth (i.e. platooning in the the Twins’ outfield).

Delmon has shockingly yet to reach the tender age of 25 and better yet…he’s not a former crack-head like Jimmy-Josh Hamilton. The ‘Young’ man has a lot of his career left to pan out and this year looked to be big for him.

With that said, Delmon got off to a staggering .219 clip at the end of April. But who counts the first month of the season unless you’re Chris Shelton right?! Since May 1rst Delmon Young has bumped his average to an outstanding .292 while hitting 8 home runs (7 since May 1rst) and knocking in 41 runs. This all surmounts after his most recent 11-game hitting streak which ended wednesday evening. During that streak Delwyn’s brother went 16-39, and batted nearly .370 over his previous 22 starts.

It may not be safe to say that he’s panning out, but the talent is certainly beginning to surface. It has to be all about confidence for this ‘Young’ star because a lot of behavioral issues and youth have gotten in the way of his growth since first being called up.

He’s been sighted, and AL Central fans beware!


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