All Star Game Starters: What do ya think?

We’ve decided to experiment with a more hands-on aspect of the blog today…

With the MLB All-Star Game (slash mid-way point of the season) approaching at the beginning of July it’s time for Joe Girardi(AL manager) and Chucky Manuel(NL manager) to make their overblown and insignificant decision of WHO be the All-Star game starting pitchers.

A lot of talk has been done here in Boston regarding the success of Clay Buchholz – on and off the field…she’s a babe SHWING. The young Buch recently tabbed his 10th win of the year, has molded a tremendous ERA under 2.5 – something John Lackey cannot say he’s accomplished under his new contract – and certainly has made himself a more than viable candidate for the AL starting job.

So here at ducksonthepond, we invite each of our readers to vote who they believe deserves to pitch the first inning for the respective leagues next month in Anaheim…

Just post what you think under our ‘comments’ link below and feel free to say why:



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2 responses to “All Star Game Starters: What do ya think?

  1. dwhitey1124

    The NL is just silly this year. When nobody is even talking about the 2x reigning Cy Young winner, you know things are crazy. In the NL its a no brainer though. I take Ubaldo.

    AL is tougher. The best pitchers so far are either too young or not sexy enough. Cliff Lee has been great but missed some time and plays for a tiny market. My money is on Jered Weaver.

  2. i agree with dave’s analysis

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