Welcome Back Sarge Jr?

In an ESPN.com report the Cincinnati Reds may be in talks with free agent, and former New York Met(who knew right?), Gary Matthews Jr.


This could be a good fit for Sarge. The Reds certainly have a few questions in their outfield – headlined by a stagnant and very streaky Johnny ‘Fat Chomper’ Gomes and a seemingly underproducing Jay Bruce who is still coming off a broken wrist in 2009.

Matthews Jr. really hasn’t been the above average player he was with the Rangers and Angels a few years ago – probably had something to do with sticking needles in his bum…just gonna throw that out there. With that said, he’s finally healthy and after signing could be in the big-leagues within about a week.

Cheap, easy-sign, low risk, medial reward. BUT the Reds need to continue making moves to keep that Red Train a rollin’.

As for you fantasy nuts, don’t pay much attention to his return to the diamond.


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