Strasburg Hype

“Get off your knees and media in general.  Strasburg is great but people are acting like he is a legend already.  He has great stuff and should develop into a star, but there is no need for titles with ridiculous alliterations every time he throws.  Calm down.  How about some articles about great pitchers that have completely flown under the radar? Colby Lewis is having a dominant year but I don’t see one story about him.  Open your eyes and do more than ride the hype bandwagon.” 

That was me venting on  The Royals win a great game 1-0 and what happens the second the last out is recorded…

Strasburg’s strikeout show not enough

Yes. He is amazing.  But headlines like “Strasburg Sizzles” are ridiculous when he gives up 9 hits in 6ip and gets the loss.  Everyone has heard enough about this kid already.  Let’s not add to the already insanely-high bar by scrutinizing his every pitch.  He throws 103mph and pitches in the NL East.  The Nats timed his callup perfectly so that he would face 4 miserable lineups (Pit., Cleveland, CWS, & KC).  As incredible as he may be, there is way too much attention being given to Strasburg.  This strong of a spot light is not healthy for him, not to mention steals the praise of other deserving pitchers.

On a side note: Looks like the Marlins got tired of the massive Cajones that are Freddi.


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