I Don’t Usually Do This Type of Thing…

he is too drunk. he should stop.

So… I’m a pretty smart guy, some say.  I read People magazine.  I eat carrots and broccoli.  I have many leather-bound books.  But I find it intensely frustrating when I look at a team I am playing and feel like the other manager has out-waiver-picked me (I’m pointing right at you, Casey McGhee).  So sometimes, to prove a point, I do my homework.  Serious homework.  And I try to exploit a matchup for a night, with one guy versus some pitcher he mashes.  My favorite being my repeated pick ups of Mike Cameron thoughout the years.

I rarely share this information- Hey, I’m doing the work.  But since we have maybe 6 people who read this regularly, I think you will benefit from my generosity.

Enough tooting of my own horn (wait, once more- toot.), I do have a point.  Tomorrow night, I have a highly favorable matchup I plan on trying to exploit.  The guy might not play, he might go ofer, or he may go on to hit for the cycle.  I do not claim to know.  I am only saying that based on the body of work, this should not be taken lightly.

So who am I picking up tonight?  Mark.  Kotsay.

who... me?

Now you may be saying, ‘sir, you are mad.  Kotsay is hitting a paltry .23o right now!’  To which I say ‘thhhhptttt,’ very maturely.

Here are the facts:

– Kotsay is notoriously streaky (the best kind of pickup for these scenarios), and has been hitting well

– Kotsay hits well at US Cellular Field.  You can check. Or just trust me.

– Over the past week, in 18 at bats, Kotsay has 6 hits (3 doubles) and 2 walks, to go with 3 RBI’s

– As he has become a more part-time player over the past years, Kotsay has become even more pronounced in his Righty/Lefty splits.  Ervin Santana is a righty.  Kotsay handles them.

– Speaking of Santana, did you know that Kotsay is 10 for 24 against the righty (3 doubles a .417 average) with 5 walks and no strikeouts (adding a SB for good measure)

– Santana does not pitch as well away from LALA land.  Check.

– I like Mark Kotsay.

So, I’m banking on a summer night in Chicago, when the air is homer-prone that Kotsay is going to have a solid game.  If you dare, come down the rabbit hole with me and see if I’m right.

I think I’m going to be.  And I looked it all up.  Maybe I wasted my time.  Maybe not.

Don’t goof up Mark.

– w



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4 responses to “I Don’t Usually Do This Type of Thing…

  1. I’m proud to say I’m one of the six and i will absolutely be picking up Mr. Kotsay. Thanks man!

  2. It is actually a day game vs the Halos but not a bad call. My site is impressive if u like sports


  3. probly not foley

    kotsay will get injured, he’s due

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