Well, Bollocks…

In another move with fantasy rami-frick-ations, the Yanks are “all but certain” to obtain Cliff Lee (Neyer reports).  In other news, the Red Sox jugular vein is now in need of extensive repairs…

no longer welcome on my fantasy team. fact.

I trust Neyer.  I also trust that if he says the Yanks are pushing hard, the Yanks are going to get what they want.

MLB-wise, this shifts the power in the AL east immensely.  But we don’t really care about that, do we.  Fantasy-wise, the move has several layers.  This move creates a logjam of pitchers for the Bombers, not a bad problem to have, but the fact remains they have a bunch of starters.  As Neyer points out there are several ways they could go about fixing the issue.  One would be to move Hughes to the bullpen. If you’re a Red Sox fan, or someone who doesn’t have Hughes, you love this.  The Yankees would be fools to do this, in my opinion, as Hughes has been an excellent starter for both his real manager and fantasy managers alike.  The other option is to trade a starter- who we would assume would be Javy Vazquez.  This is the more interesting move, fantasy-wise.  A trade could likely be to another NL team for Vazquez.  There should be a party for all owners of Javy if this happens. Just look at the numbers. Vazquez is a National League pitcher, and a very good one at that.  His value skyrockets anywhere with a trade- he just doesn’t seem to agree with New York.

Anyways, more to follow if the deal ACTUALLY happens.  But for now, it seems likely.  Here’s to hoping the Twins move Wilson Ramos and the M’s get freaked out by Jesus Montenero’s year so far… but I’m not holding my breath.

Theo Epstein, call me, I’ve got some ideas…

– W


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