It hurts when I….

Do anything.  Peavy is hurt again.  This time it’s not an elbow or even an ankle.  Someone how Jake Peavy has managed to completely detach his right Latisimus Dorsi.  This injury is more common for hardcore bodybuilders than starting pitchers.  In fact, the surgery for this injury is uncharted territory. People are already considering Jake Peavy to be the new Tommy John.

Some pitchers are just fragile.  Whether its because  they were overworked as young guns or they are just genetically more susceptible to injuries, high-maintenance aces seem to drop like flies.  I consider a lot of them to be like pure-bred horses.  Years have been dedicated to finding and grooming these talents to do one thing and to be the best at it.  When injuries are this prevalent, people can’t help but have the nasty “S” word pop up in their minds.  Given the high level of competition in baseball, like horse racing, I really would not be surprised if the majority of players were looking for an edge.  Maybe Peavy and others are just more susceptible to injuries because of maximum-effort deliveries and tireless work ethics….or maybe there’s more.  I’m not making an allegations but only asking people to think.  Peavy is not Jose Canseco, but neither was JC Romero.

Now I’ll leave you with some meatheads talking about how painful an injury a torn Lat can be….and what not to do.

FRAGILE: Handle With Care



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2 responses to “It hurts when I….

  1. Also of note:

    Mr. Daniel Hudson, the #66 rated prospect by Baseball America will be taking Jake Peavy’s spot.

    Hudson is an interesting players who has been waiting for his fantasy chance, so to speak. In AAA this year, he is 11-4, with a 108:31 K:BB in 93 1/3 innings with a 1.20 WHIP. Suffice to say, he is ready to move on from AAA. He’s a guy to watch in his start against KC. He held his own in a cup of coffee with the ChiSox last year and has the pedigree to be a solid starter. Put him on your watch list, at the very least, and keep an eye on the White Sox situation.


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