Let’s generate some discussion:

In one of my leagues, I am forgoing closers, aka ‘punting’ saves, instead I’ll carry extra starters/ bench guys.  What do our reader(s) think of this strategy?



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9 responses to “Let’s generate some discussion:

  1. Ben

    Punting saves is fine, but I wouldn’t necessarily use those spots on extra bench guys or starters. Having two top middle relief type guys can be at least as valuable as having good closers. Having Matt Thornton and Mike Adams on my team all year, for example, has already given me 78 innings of sub 2.5 ERA and sub 1 WHIP with 96 Ks. Don’t let those RP spots go to waste when two or three well picked relievers can give you close to a full season’s worth of Cy Young Award quality innings.

  2. very true, but what about stashing valuable starters in the mindset that others cannot have them? This would be more effective in shallower leagues, for sure, but I think there is merit to that line of thinking…

  3. i am currently starting bobby jenks, colby lewis, and jaime garcia in my three relief spots. i think it’s safe to say i haven’t won saves or holds once this year, but i’d rather have 10 quality starters giving me an advantage in categories such as wins and k’s.

  4. Boston Bob

    In head 2 head leagues i dont think it matters because its only 1 cat, but in Roto there is not way u could get away with this. Theres no way you would win a league with a 1 in any category. Thats why i hate head to head

  5. excellent point. roto leagues vs. head to head leagues this is a very different discussion. 5×5 it’s tough to just give up on a category. the strategy works for drafting in roto sometimes, as you can salvage saves on the waiver scrap heap

  6. dwhitey1124

    My team is the other side of the experiment. I have loaded up on closers and set up men (Marshall, Mujica, Benoit, Soriano, Feliz, Soria, Bailey) and traded away my mid-tier starters. In a league with 13 pitching categories, there is much more emphasis on pitching ratios than wins, ip, etc. After mismanaging my way to many losses with excessive ip, this will be an interesting undertaking.

  7. Boogyman

    In my head to head, I try to give myself a chance to win every catagory. I think a balanced team has the best chance of winning.

  8. fair enough. however, in some custom leagues, with an extended number of categories, sometimes I think there is value in weighting a team. also, if I had to watch Jenks blow one more or Dotel walk in a loss I was going to lose my marbles

  9. SJS

    It depends on the market (so to speak).

    The market will be better (cheaper) in your draft for whatever side of the debate has less followers than the norm/average.

    If multiple people in your league punt saves…enjoy the cheap closer market and stock up cheap!

    If everyone is fighting over them and over paying/drafting too high on them…punt it!


    I go either way and usually decide mid-draft…

    Also, if it’s head to head you can punt saves early on, and then pick up the closers that appear out of nowhere in-season…and then become competitive in a category you spent nothing on in the draft! I think that’s the best scenario.

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