He Might Be the Best Rays Pitcher…. and is in AAA?

Mr. Jeremy Hellickson

Some kind folks have done some research for us.  Here’s a nifty writeup (with video) of his stuff.

Here’s some video:

mlb.com’s scouting video

Hellickson is a helluva pitcher, that much should be said.  And with the Rays in discussions with the Phils over Jayson Werth, Tampa would presumably move one of their other young arms in a deal.  I’m thinking Wade Davis, who himself is an interesting fantasy player.  If Hellickson is called up- look out.  Remember what David Price did back when he got the call at the end of the year?  That’s a reasonable expectation.  I’m going to be unreasonable. Look at Hellickson’s stuff from Fangraphs.  Now let me tell you about his year at AAA (I’d say he’s ready for the show.)…

Hellickson is 11-3.  He has thrown 109 innings and struck out 110 (31 walks).  He has a 1.18 WHIP.  He’s 23.  Scouts often talk about the ease at which the ball comes out of his hand.  Watch the video again- he looks like a pitcher.  I do not know when Hellickson will be called up, but I do know he has nothing left to prove in the minors.  All that is left now is to see how the trade deadline plays out and when he gets his shot.  I advise you to be very, very ready.

more stuff

and more

Hellickson may never be a number one, but he will be an extremely useful fantasy and ‘real’ baseball player- check him out.

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3 responses to “He Might Be the Best Rays Pitcher…. and is in AAA?

  1. obviously, the kid isnt as good as price, but cmon, lemme hype a fella

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  3. hey yahoo! join the party!

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