Are You There God? It’s Me, Colby Rasmus…

Is something wrong with Colby Rasmus?  In a word, no.

except for maybe needing a haircut.


But why say in one word what you can say in 500?

Colby Rasmus started out on a tear (.323, .463 OBP, 6 homers) in April, before bottoming in May and bouncing back in June (you can see the splits here).  He’s now in a pretty epic cold streak (3 for his last 29, 14 for 60 in July… ouch) so much so that good ol’ Jon Jay is taking his at bats now.  Jay is a useful stopgap, and his minor league numbers show that he is a good player.  Notice I used the word good.  Not great, not can’t-miss, not even better-than-most-average-outfielders.  Jay has a spot on the team because he is a solid player.  Add him in deeper leagues and get ready to dump him like a two-timing ladyperson.  Rasmus has the potential to be something kinda special (read an old writeup if you don’t believe me).  The pedigree is there (minor league stats).  So let’s get to the stats.

First of all let me point out that Rasmus has already equaled his home run total from last year in 181 fewer at bats (185 PA).  This is a positive sign, that is undeniable.  His on-base percentage is up 41 points (.307, .348), BABIP is up 57 points, and his HR/FB % is up 7.3% (all thanks to Fangraphs), all while his contact rate and K:BB ratio are staying about the same.   What does this all mean?  The peripheral stats do not lie.  Rasmus is adjusting.  He is putting the the ball in play the right way.  He is keeping his eye, even improving.  Patience is key with young guys (let’s not forget he’s 23), so really the issue with Rasmus is the lense we look at him with, not his actual production.  We should be seeing a young superstar working out the kinks, ready to explode, not a fantasy letdown.  I’m being patient with Rasmus, waiting for the inevitable rebound from this cold streak (I promise you, it IS coming.).  I want him on my team for when he starts mashing again, even if I have to wait 2 weeks.  Rasmus is a stud in the making, a 5-tool player by all accounts you read and hear.  If you are lucky enough to have him in a keeper league, good for you, if he’s floating around in a deep league- grab him, if you’re league’s shallow… well it’s tricky but if you don’t have a spot on your bench for him (good for you, mostly), then he is worth a quick trigger from your watch list if he has a breakout night.

Rasmus is improving, I swear.  He is young and adjusting.  What were you doing when you were 23?  But don’t listen to me, just look at the stats:  Fangraphs, Baseball-Reference, the numbers don’t lie.

as always, enjoy the black keys,



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