Minor Power Outage for the Cubs


and he lovers amurrica


The Cubs are not sending sweet Lou out with a bang… cue Mike Minor?   huh.  guess we should write him up… 

He has put up pretty outstanding minor league K numbers (9.99, 11.30, 10.93 K/9 rates in A, AA, and triple A the past 2 years)  with good K: BB numbers as well. He has 3 very useful fantasy starts under his belt, going at  least 6 innings in each, with those good K numbers… 


Here’s what the interweb turns up about Minor: 



razzball, always on the ball 

a look from scouting the sally (video) 

video and reaction from the mlb draft itself 


the kid is a ‘polished’ pitcher, according to most and has the K/9 swagger in the minors to make the jump quickly. Watch Mr. Minor to end the year, so you can draft him accordingly next season. 




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