….ring my bell.  imagine if that song blasted every time he hit a homer?


Josh Bell is quietly making himself comfortable (2 homers last night) this year getting ready for a solid 2011.  I’m saying thias as fact.  If you miss out on Mike Stanton next year, this kid is worth your prospect flyer.  I was shocked at the rashness of the Dodgers when they traded Bell for…. wait for it… George Sherrill.  The kid can mash.  From his minor league numbers, a 40 double, 20 homer, .370 OBP is very realistic- if you’re willing to deal with the 3:1 K:BB ratio, which isn’t un-usable. I mean, people draft Reynolds as a top 30 player despite the K’s, and all you’ll be doing is taking a late round flyer on some kid for Baltimore.  I love doubles as a telling sign that someone can hit, and it appears the O’s have found another sweet swinging doubles hitter with some pop.  I say mark him down for your next year’s draft.  As in sooner, rather than later.


Sermon over, remember Bell draft time next year,

enjoy Anita Ward.





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