Championship Pieces: Will Power

Every cahampionship run has a few ‘glue’ guys.  not-to exciting players who in the end get the job done.  James Posey, Scott Brosius, Robert Horry, Bill Mueller, Troy Brown,  guys who get the job done in a pretty unremarkable fashion.  but they win you games, and you need wins now as the fantasy playoffs loom…

I constantly think of Placido Polanco, who beat me several years ago with a hot September week.  Sad.

So i present to you two new young fellas who you shoudl call up to the team, if theyre not up already to help hold the team together:

Will Rhymes: Your Average/Speed Guy (and Infield guy)

Look at this little carney.  My god he’s like 5’5”.  But he gets the job done.  Dustin Pedroia-Lite, if you’re trying to get a Pedroia fix while he’s out.  Based on his minor league stats(Admittedly many, but he’s turning magical age 27…), he figures to be able to keep his relatively unspectacular but very useful .320-ish average with a .365-.375 OBP.  That type of consistency that a guy like Rhymes could provides is undeniably useful as you get into those tighter weeks and are looking to scratch out hits, runs and possibly doubles out of their second second base issue (otherwise known as an IF or 2B/SS spot in leagues I always hate the 2B/SS spot because I forget about it in the rush of good Outfielders that often arrives in a draft.)

Will Venable: Your Power/OBP guy (and Outfield Guy)

Dave loves Venable, for whatever that’s worth …

Venable has demonstrated decent power in the majors and minors with a mid-level OBP and doubles.  A decent slugger.  I think of him as a James Loney-Lite type, hitting for an unremarkable but useful average as he picks up bunches of RBI’s and Doubles.  How does a .290 average  with a .422 oBP and a .991 SLG% sound to you for a month? 7 extra base hits in 51 AB’s?  With a triple in a triple’s park?  I like Venable just as much as Dave moving forward as I think he’ll settle around the .290-.400-.900 AVG-OBP-SLG in the remaining time in the season.  Having watched him this year in Spring Training on mlb.TV many times this year, I tell you he has the ability to be this type of player.  He’s also 27, for the superstitious type.

C.J. Wilson – Your ACE.

Texas has 2 Left-Handed Aces.  This is why I fear them in the playoffs (you know, aside from Josh ‘Lord’s Arm’ Hamilton on the team- damn, they’re scary).  C.J. Wilson’s only issue (aside from brief and inconsistent control issues) rest in his… well… rest.  He worked like a bulldog to start out the year and his decline in stats can be attributed to a tired arm.  In his last 24.2 innings he has 28 K to only 9 walks with a 1.09 WHIP.  The kid has been dealing, check!  He will put up big-time numbers down the stretch as the Playoff push comes for both your home team and your fantasy team.  Unless you live in Pittsburgh, then it’s- “have you SEEN the draft picks this year!?!?!?!”

sorry, Pittsburgh, I know some of them are coming through, you still can’t produce a single arm…….

…….. not like doc, at least…..

enjoy the willpower, people



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