Cody Ross, Playoff Hero?


When will this end?  Will it end?  Or will Cody Ross be a real baseball player for a full season?  He tears up May, he rocks September (historically).  Let’s look at some of his hot months…


July 2008- 27 games, 102 AB, 31 hits, 7 2B, 2 3B, 3 homers, 22 RBIs, .863 OPS.


That’s a nifty month.  Anyone who owned Ross was very pleased.


June 2009- 96 AB, 29 hits, 7 2B, 6 Homers, 18 RBIs, a .912 OPS and a steal to boot!

But wait! There’s more!

August 2009- 110 AB, 33 hits, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 5 homers, 18 RBIs, and a .830 OPS


Those are two excellent months right there, surrounded by several mediocre ones… much like this year in which Ross was basically let go by the Fish…


May 2010- 106 AB, 35 hits, 9 doubles ,1 triple, 4 Homers, 19 RBIs, a .935 OPS


My point in highlighting these months is this:  Cody Ross is a good ballplayer.  He has yet to be a player to string together months like those mentioned above, but his overall numbers show that he is certainly an ownable commodity in the fantasy realm (though clearly not in ‘real’ baseball).  His postseason flirtation with hero-dom aside, maybe Ross has found a home in San Fran, and maybe he will put it all together and put a series of months together, allowing Ross fans and owners to play/root him on in consecutive months, for a change.


Either way, I’m rooting hard for Ross, he’s a likeable guy, and a Rangers-Gents series-love those  bullpens baby!




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