Matt Garza to Cubs

I get to pitch in front of real baseball fans!

Interesting trade made by the Cubs today, sending 5 players to Tampa while getting three players back themselves, including Garza. This should be a good move for him fantasy (and career)-wise. Getting out of the AL East will do wonders for his value. In his small sample against the National League (4 career starts), Garza is 2-2 in 4 starts with 23 IP and a 1.22 WHIP. His ERA is pretty close to 5 but that is because he got shelled in one appearance against the Marlins. I think he will do very well in the NL Central and will benefit from not having to pitch to  DH.

My advice: keep an eye on him during the spring. He may be a guy you will pick up in a bigger trade.



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2 responses to “Matt Garza to Cubs

  1. Tretrain, nicely done. Any word on the prospects?

  2. Anonymous

    To the Devil Rays: Chris Archer, Brandon Guyer, Robinson Chirinos, Hak-Ju Lee and Sam Fuld.

    To the Cubs: Garza, Fernando Perez and another minor leaguer.

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