Put up or Shut up: Chris Young

he probably hurt himself on this pitch

Chris R. Young



Has this man hurt you?  Tell Will where the bad man hurt you.

Are you tired of drafting Chris Young thinking ‘this could be the year he gets healthy/puts it all together?’

Have you been burned at the end of a draft as pitchers who actually provided some fantasy value passed you by as you clung to the hope of Chris R. Young?

Are you fed up?

Well this is your year, ladies and gents.  Chris Young is going to have ‘that’ year this year.  Well, he better.  In all seriousness, the stars are alligned for Young to have a great year.  Year removed from arm trouble?  Yup.  Playing for an offense better than the Padres’?  Well, the little league team I coached would fit that bill so, Yup.  Pitching in a pitcher’s haven?  Yup.  Young demonstrated that he could be quite a good pitcher in the friendly dimensions of PETCO Park (splits here), and Citi Field proved to be a similar-type field, playing fly balls long and generally squashing many an offense.  If he can keep his ground ball rate above 30%, the long dimensions of Citi should keep his 50-ish% fly ball rate in the park.

Let me throw some numbers at you: 189 IP, 164 K’s, 12 Wins, a 1.21 WHIP and a 7.8 K/9 (to go with a 2.21 K/BB ratio).  That’s what Chris Young’s 162 game average is, according to Baseball-Reference.  Now if he could only stay healthy.  A healthy and smart Young (and the guy went to Princeton, let’s not forget he’s a smart dude, so sitting around 92-93 MPH should be no problem as he’s a smart pitcher) should keep a K rate around 8 and not walk many – his GB, FB, and K/BB rates are all pretty consistent regardless of the amount of innings he has pitched.  This means his WHIP should be between 1.1 and 1.25 in a normally good year.  The wins are really up to the Mets, who hopefully should be not such a mess this year.

That’s it, time’s tickin’ for Chris Young…





…time to put up or shut up.






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