Well hello ladies and gents, welcome back to DotP!


I’m so glad to be back and it’s nice to see the dozens of people who have passed over our site in the last…. well…. suffice to say it has been a while.

To be fair, Dave is a real person now with a job and stuff and I’ve been off fighting crime in Gotham City, perhaps you’ve heard of me?


Apologies to those select few of you who actually followed us when we made that first push, we certainly had some good ideas (the DBacks staff, Drew Stubbs) but we obviously ran out of steam, for a variety of reasons.


No mas.  We’re back and we’re so much more.  I’ll be back writing as much as possible here, mostly about baseball in general now, but also about the sports world on the whole.  I’ve also linked up with the super cool Emerson College Sports Business Society, so check out some of my posts there, as well as some interesting stuff going on in the Boston area, as well as some talented writers.


I’ll re-up my game on twitter and hopefully we can get some of that momentum back.  Baseball season is never over for a true fan and there is quite literally never nothing to talk about in the sports world.  I also almost always have something to say about EVERYTHING, so hopefully we can get this discussion moving.


Here’s to hoping there’s an NBA season (don’t anyone hold their breath, though),

nope. things are decidedly NOT a-ok, mr. stern


Will aka Vinnie the Gooch









oh, and as always, please enjoy the Black Keys


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