Elvis Lives…

…or something.

there are two types of people... the chinese and the king. and he's the king.

Well I’m not talking about the KING, but Elvis Andrus is making a name for himself in his own right.

I must admit, most of my knowledge of almost every West Coast team comes from my maniacal fantasy baseball following.  But this often means pouring over box scores and recaps.  While that allows me to assess who’s streaking and whatnot, I don’t pick up on the same oddities I often find in my following everyday of the American League East.

But I knew Elvis Andrus was, if you will, the ‘king’ of hitting those lights-out pitchers out West.  They mention in passing on ESPN and MLB Network that Andrus hits Jered Weaver and Felix Hernandez well.  So when Don Orsillo mentioned in the broadcast tonight that Andrus always hit well against David Price, I took to investigating.


I found this:  Elvis Andrus hits good pitching.  Period.  Capital.  Next sentence.

It’s a bit odd.  For a player (a good one, make no mistake) who is really known as a speed/defense guy as of now, Andrus has some damn good numbers against some DAMN good pitchers.  Take a look (splits found here):


vs. Jered Weaver

19/46 (.413 Batting Average), 3 Doubles, 3 Steals, a .438 On-Base Percentage and an OPS of 1.024


vs. Felix Hernandez

15/43 (.349 BA), 3 Doubles, 8 RBI’s, a .404 OBP and an OPS of .823


vs. John Danks

5/11 (.455 BA), a double, a steal, 3 walks and an OBP of .571


vs. Jon Lester

4/14 (.286 BA), .375 On-Base, a steal


vs. James Shields

7/12 (.583 BA), 2 doubles, 2 triples, a .615 OBP

vs. David Price

4/12 (.333), 4 walks, 4 steals, OBP of .529

vs.  Zach Greinke

3/8 (.375) with a double

vs. Ervin Santana

11/31 (.355), 2 steals, a .783 OPS

vs. John Lackey

gotcha!  c’mon…. did you really think…. please.


While he obviously has a larger sample size against the AL West, Mr. Andrus, in varying sample sizes, has performed at the top of his game against pitchers at the top of theirs.  His career stats (a .271 average, a .683 OPS, a .340 OBP) all point to what I was saying before- for his first three years in the league, he’s been what most people throughout baseball history have thought a shortstop should be (before that Ripken fella): a fast guy who slaps the ball around and plays good, rangy defense.


My only point is that Andrus has proven to be more valuable than just that.  He’s a guy you want when your team needs it most- going up against an ace.  He’s the bloop-singling, base-hit bunting, base-stealing thorn in the side of countless stud pitchers and it’ll be fun to see how he handles himself in these playoffs.


...and how the rangers let him live this down...

Just sayin’.


Enjoy watching Maddon’s hair curl.


– Will aka Vinnie the Gooch



and here’s a frakkin amazing song AND video.  Seriously watch it NOW!




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