Breaking NBA News! Nope, Just Kidding.

guys, I'm NOT crying. I'm being supercereal. Stop making fun of me! {runs home crying}

So the NBA rich people are still fighting and seemingly getting nowhere (people who don’t deserve it have too much power and money.  Simple, really.)

But that doesn’t mean this ish can’t be getting reeeeeeeeeeal interesting.

So by now most sport fans have heard the MORONIC comments by Bryant Gumbel about David Stern running the NBA like a plantation.  Maybe he was realizing that fewer and fewer people even knew he still existed?  What’s his show?  Gumbel 2 Gumbel?

click for a clip from the award winning show

My immediate reaction was that the whole spiel was completely out of line but this seals it: Charles Barkley, king of speaking before thinking, has straight-up said that Gumbel’s comments are ‘stupid.‘   If even Barkley can’t see where you’re coming from or at least relate to saying something outlandish, you know you’ve crossed a line.
That’s it, my two cents.  Also, a bunch of superstars plan to barnstorm internationally, which is actually very cool.



That’s all folks.  Enjoy the Hood Internet (and enjoy the ensuing hours once you get caught on Tumblr).













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