Just in case you’re one of the millions of people in the USA who don’t follow hockey to closely, here’s a badass clip of Milan Lucic LIGHTING UP Amurrrica’s goalie Ryan Miller.


I’m not usually one to post about Hockey, but stuff like this is fascinating.  The game is brutal.  The rule is simple – out of the crease, fair game.

But, like my sport baseball, there are these tricky unwritten rules.  It is widely seen as in poor taste to light up a goalie like that.  Miller has a concussion – but is that really so odd in Hockey?

Just got me thinking about how differently the leagues handle similar, unwritten “moral” codes.  Lucic will probably get a fine (he meets with NHL officials today).  The Sabres GM is calling for a suspension.  The Canadian authorities are pressing assault charges.  If you understand that last bit, you’re either from New England or a clever hockey fan, so, congrats.


All that said, nice hitstick (right joystick) Lucic.  If I could skate, I would’ve done the same thing.




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