Jesus is my Co-Pilot


But Satan is my motor?  Relax, it’s a song by Cake.  A good one.

I’m contradicting myself  before I even start writing this post.  It will be brief.

I will not touch the religious aspect of Timmy Tebow, save to say that I find his reverence for Jesus Christ confusing.  I thought that ‘God’ guy was in charge…

No, I am writing this not because I find his abundance of faith disturbing – it’s actually refreshing to think about an athlete devoted to something other than money, and I credit anyone who can believe that much in anything– but because the whole entity of ‘media’ needs to take a big ‘ol chill suppository (yup, I am telling everyone behind a microphone to shove it.).  Tebow is undoubtedly both a human interest AND sports story.  The dude is 7-1 and undeniably has some crazy moxie in the 4th quarter.

SportsCenter (and specifically that horrible abomination that is Skip Bayless.  This deserves a sidebar.  Skip Bayless sucks.  Just sucks and sucks and sucks.  I find everything about him irritating and having no place in the sports world.  He belongs on a crummy midday talk show or hosting a game show no one watches.  He just oozes suck.)  has really taken things too far.  They recently had a graphic comparing Tom Brady and Tim Tebow as quarterbacks.  NO.  They had MULTIPLE graphics.  4th quarter, first 11 starts, and overall comparisons as the Broncos-Pats games approaches.  I understand the rationale, but it seems imprudent.  I thought Tebow didn’t complete above 50% of his passes?  Given his recent 4th quarters, do you know how BAD he has to play otherwise to reach that number?!  The comparison is dumb and irresponsible.

But the real issue is this- THE PACKERS ARE UNDEFEATED AND AARON RODGERS IS PUTTING UP NUMBERS WORTHY OF TECMO BOWL!!!  And Tebow gets top billing!  Everywhere!

The Packers don’t seem too peeved, which is cool, but it’s a very odd dynamic.  Here’s where I will get into the religion.  Do you remember when ESPN was just highlights and funny play-by-play?  When did they become a ‘news’ outlet?  When I flip on something called ‘sportscenter’ at 6am before classes, I don’t want to hear a DAMNED thing about some guy’s religion.  I want to know who won, how they won and who can come up with the best home run/ goal / dunk call (my pick is the Kenny Mayne ‘finest meats and cheeses!‘ bit).  I want discussion on whether or not the Packers can run the table, not whether or not a guy who is completing 48.5% of his passes is being helped a-la Angels in the Outfield or something.

I hope Tebow does well, honestly.  He seems unflappable.  He’s a fascinating study in patience, for one thing.  It is not one bit his fault that places like ESPN are slobbering all over themselves.  I blame Disney, and Skip Bayless, but not Tebow.  The big thing is, Tebowmania is providing cloud cover for the Packers.  When they win the Super Bowl by 40 and Rodgers throws 6 TD’s, maybe people will learn.  I’ve had to stop watching ESPN and listening to the radio these past few weeks, it’s just been too much.  Sometimes I just want to hear about sports.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  It has nothing to do with Tebow the guy or religion.  It has everything to do with sensationalizing what used to be a simple idea (I’m looking at YOU, ESPN), and lots to do with my general distaste for Skip Bayless.

this f'n guy.





honestly, just do a quick Google search for some Skip Bayless hate.


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