The Mendoza Line

THE MYTH: Big contracts beget stud pitchers.

Alright, maybe it’s not an actual conundrum. But when two-time All Star Matt Cain, the San Francisco Giants’ No. 2 starter, signed a six-year, $127.5 million contract with the club, some were speculating whether Tim Lincecum’s eventual payday could lead to MLB’s first $200 million pitcher.

Cain deserves it. The man’s posted an earth-shattering 69-73 record, an eye-popping 3.35 ERA and an inhuman 7.4 K/BB ratio over parts of 7 seasons – he’s just that dominant.

His closest comps on Baseball Reference are Pascual Perez and Johnny Niggeling.

Pascual Perez and Johnny Niggeling. Let that sink in for a second.

You get the point. Cain’s a talented pitcher in a weaker offensive league with an absurd contract, one that made him the highest paid right-hander in MLB history with $21.25 million average annual salary over the life of the deal. But…

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  1. a fascinating take, but on sight test alone, I’ve always thought Cain isa much better pitcher than, say, Lackey

  2. its also interesting to think of the psychology behind signing him as a negotiation tactic with Timmy Lincecum……..

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