Fantasy Mustache


Life, as fictional characters have said, finds a way.  Sure the quote speaks more to chaos theory but, hey, it’s a versatile phrase.  Life finds a way of leading you away… then leading you back through the doldrums.

I’m back.  One can only stand idly by on the internet for so long.  I have, however, come to terms with a few things; a) My brain is simply not capable of rationalizing and writing to the level of much smarter people on the interwebs, b) there is a beautiful, flourishing universe of absurdist sports commentary, and c) I am remarkably capable of being ridiculous.

So let’s leave (for the most part) the statistical analyses and prospect breakdowns to people with Economics degrees and a love for excel.  I have lots of important questions to address as the season approaches.  The first?  By position, which players would have the best fantasy baseball season if they grew a kick-ass mustache?

The research is under way and the results are soon to follow.  Though I’d imagine the long layoff could have alienated our already non-existent readership, feel free to chime in with your musings on the topic if you’re not a robot.

We can start with an example:


Now that’s a manager of the year mustache if I’ve ever seen one.


Vinnie the Gooch, back in action.  Stay tuned for the first position up – Catcher.


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