Spin a cap and have a day kid. Lil bingles get you to heaven.  And other baseball jargon.  Nothin’ but net, shooters keep shooting and basketball mumbo-jumbo.  Defense always win championships and you always feed the hot hand.  Try going an entire day avoiding sports metaphors and phrasing- it is nearly impossible.  Sports has bled through into our everyday culture and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I love talking sports.  To be fair, I like talking in general- sports, Batman, movies- talking is a great past time.

But people, for whatever reasons, get tired of hearing a person talk.  This is why the internet was invented.  So we don’t have to listen to people like me, full of ideas, talk all the time.

This blog started as a fantasy baseball musing-space, but it’s more now.  I’m a sherpa wandering up the mountain of useless sports thinking floating around in my considerable brain.


-will ‘aka vinnie the gooch’

check it out on twitter: @duckfromthepond



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  1. I love this site!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

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