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I love baseball. From Boston, I may be biased at times. When it comes to fantasy, I'm all about the stats. I am that guy who drafts Jeter in the 5th round if I need a SS. If you like fantasy baseball, this site will be your bible.



Terrible day for baseball if this proves true.  He did call Melky last year.  And Melky was very close to Cano in NY.  Granderson is the only one that truly shocks me.

(Vin’s Note: We shall see if Dave’s sources pan out….)


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Winnie the Pujols…Been Poopoo

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First Base Bouncebacks & Breakouts pt. 1

Everyone is already back on the Adam Dunn bandwagon.  Lucas Duda is going 85-28-90 according to all “experts”.  Let’s look at the guys that could easily outperform these 1B given their current ADPs.  Whether it’s coming off a major injury, having years that bring up memories of  Rob Deer, or just being really old, there’s always value to be found in a buy-low veteran.  And let’s not forget about those post-post-hype sleepers.  Alex Gordon has forced attention to all the 2nd and 3rd year disappointments of yesteryear.  So who do you want?

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Authors Update

First off, we love you guys.  At least the people that get us.  I have conceded most of my role as writer because I don’t want to keep this blog from its full potential….which is Will’s writing.  I am still hard at work sourcing ideas and want this to keep growing as much as anyone.

Our ying/yang partnership is steadily working on our best idea yet.  This blog has basically been a test drive without us even realizing it.   Stay tuned.

Shake & Bake

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It hurts when I….

Do anything.  Peavy is hurt again.  This time it’s not an elbow or even an ankle.  Someone how Jake Peavy has managed to completely detach his right Latisimus Dorsi.  This injury is more common for hardcore bodybuilders than starting pitchers.  In fact, the surgery for this injury is uncharted territory. People are already considering Jake Peavy to be the new Tommy John.

Some pitchers are just fragile.  Whether its because  they were overworked as young guns or they are just genetically more susceptible to injuries, high-maintenance aces seem to drop like flies.  I consider a lot of them to be like pure-bred horses.  Years have been dedicated to finding and grooming these talents to do one thing and to be the best at it.  When injuries are this prevalent, people can’t help but have the nasty “S” word pop up in their minds.  Given the high level of competition in baseball, like horse racing, I really would not be surprised if the majority of players were looking for an edge.  Maybe Peavy and others are just more susceptible to injuries because of maximum-effort deliveries and tireless work ethics….or maybe there’s more.  I’m not making an allegations but only asking people to think.  Peavy is not Jose Canseco, but neither was JC Romero.

Now I’ll leave you with some meatheads talking about how painful an injury a torn Lat can be….and what not to do.

FRAGILE: Handle With Care


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Strasburg Hype

“Get off your knees and media in general.  Strasburg is great but people are acting like he is a legend already.  He has great stuff and should develop into a star, but there is no need for titles with ridiculous alliterations every time he throws.  Calm down.  How about some articles about great pitchers that have completely flown under the radar? Colby Lewis is having a dominant year but I don’t see one story about him.  Open your eyes and do more than ride the hype bandwagon.” 

That was me venting on  The Royals win a great game 1-0 and what happens the second the last out is recorded…

Strasburg’s strikeout show not enough

Yes. He is amazing.  But headlines like “Strasburg Sizzles” are ridiculous when he gives up 9 hits in 6ip and gets the loss.  Everyone has heard enough about this kid already.  Let’s not add to the already insanely-high bar by scrutinizing his every pitch.  He throws 103mph and pitches in the NL East.  The Nats timed his callup perfectly so that he would face 4 miserable lineups (Pit., Cleveland, CWS, & KC).  As incredible as he may be, there is way too much attention being given to Strasburg.  This strong of a spot light is not healthy for him, not to mention steals the praise of other deserving pitchers.

On a side note: Looks like the Marlins got tired of the massive Cajones that are Freddi.

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Slams & Slips

Kendry Morales sustained a freak injury Saturday night during his walk-off grand slam celebration.  We have seen some impressive jumps on home plate in the past, but Kendry was keeping it simple.  Of all the injuries one could expect from getting mobbed by a group of testosterone-pumped, overly-excited men, a lower leg fracture is not what first comes to mind. 

What now? Morales is scheduled to have surgery and will be placed on the 15 day DL. The move to place him on the 15 day DL is just to avoid the infamous “60 day” tag.  The Angels will be faced with a challenge to replace their slugger.  With Jeff Mathis returning from injury in the next few weeks, Mike Napoli will be freed up to both  DH and perhaps play 1B.  Robb Quinlan is next on the depth chart but I’m not too sure how long the Angels will want to stick with this… The way Napoli has been playing, I think he is the player that benefits the most from this freak injury.


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Roy Oswalt Requests to be Traded

Not too surprisingly, Oswalt wants out.  He made his wish very clear by asking Houston owner Drayton McLane Jr. to trade him before the deadline Given how much he has given to the franchise, Oswalt deserves to have his wish fulfilled.  Any thoughts on who might be interest?

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